Some people play Pokémon for years without ever encountering any special color variations of their favorite pocket monsters. But for those of you that have been lucky enough to find a shiny in Pokémon, what did you encounter? And were you able to catch it?

Since shiny Pokémon are so rare, encounters with them tend to be very memorable. I’m willing to bet that you remember all your shiny encounters very crisply, doubly so if the Pokémon got away.

Personally, I‚Äôve only come across a couple of shiny Pokemon. The first was a Zubat back in Pok√©mon Ruby. I had been in a cave for a long while, and my health was running low. Naturally, this meant I kept getting random encounters left and right, all of which threatened to wipe me out‚ÄĒI didn‚Äôt come prepared. Amidst all these unwanted encounters, I happened about a shiny Zubat. Funny thing is, I was so adamant about finding the cave exit that I nearly ran away from the battle. It took a few seconds for my brain to register the idea that I wasn‚Äôt looking at any ol‚Äô annoying Zubat, but rather a super-rare variety of Zubat.

I remember feeling conflicted: yes, it was a shiny Pok√©mon, and that made it rare. But did I even want a shiny Zubat? It‚Äôs not exactly a Pokemon I‚Äôd brag about having. Still, I caught it anyway‚ÄĒit was the first shiny I‚Äôd ever seen in-game. I couldn‚Äôt pass it up. Nowadays getting a shiny Pok√©mon feels way easier given the advent of online trading, but I‚Äôm still always going to remember that Zubat. Though I admit I‚Äôm still a little bitter that I‚Äôve never encountered a cool shiny Pok√©mon. It‚Äôs always been kind of eh Pok√©mon that I captured anyway, just because they were shiny.

I’m curious: what shiny Pokémon have you encountered? How far have you gone to hunt shiny Pokemon? Hell, have you ever seen a shiny Pokemon from a random encounter at all? Feel free to share your stories in the comments.