Electronics Arts is going to represent big at the Leipzig Games Convention this year. It's bringing something like three zillion titles to the event by our count, titles like Dragon Age, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge to name but a few. While we've seen a good portion of these titles at E3 and pre-E3 events, we're going to see two unannounced games, something we're sure to learn more about at EA's Games Convention press conference. The better news is that, despite our previous hands-on time with games like Left 4 Dead and Crysis Warhead, we're going to see all new areas and content. Plus we're going to pester developers for nuggets of info and embarrassing quotes that will come back to haunt them. We're looking at you Gabe Newell. Hit the jump for the full list โ€” minus two โ€” of what EA's bringing to Leipzig.Tiger Woods PGA All Play - Wii FIFA 09 โ€“ 360, PS3 FIFA 09 All Play - Wii FIFA Manager - PC Dead Space - PS3 Dragon Age - PC Mirror's Edge - PS3 Red Alert 3 - PC SimAnimals -Wii Sims 3 - PC Left 4 Dead - PC FaceBreaker - PS3 Battleforge - PC Crysis Warhead - PC Lord of the Rings Conquest - 360 MySims Kingdom - Wii SimCity Creator - Wii BOOGIE SuperStar - Wii Family Game Night - Wii Littlest Pet Shop - NDS Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Wii Zubo - NDS Warhammer Online