Nintendo Says "Thank You" For Watching Its E3 Press Conference

E3 2008 is over. Finished. But Nintendo hasn't forgotten and is sending out thank you notes, thanking folks for attending its presser. The letter reads: "THANK YOU for attending our E3 media briefing. Nintendo aims to bring people engaging experiences...to make them smile...and we hope we provided you at least a… » 8/12/08 9:20am 8/12/08 9:20am

Kotaku's Picks for Game Critics Best of E3 Awards

Last week the Game Critics Best of E3 finalists were announced with much fanfare and debate. » 8/04/08 1:20pm 8/04/08 1:20pm Today, I turned in Kotaku's official ballot for who we think the winners should be. I have to say this was one of the harder years to judge. In particular you had games like Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3 and LittleBigPlanet all…

Hollenshead: E3 Was Pretty Much a Disappointment to Everyone

"E3 this year, in my opinion, it was pretty much disappointing to everybody" id CEO Todd Hollenshead told me early today during an interview. "The press were disappointed, the people I talked to in the industry are disappointed, almost everyone agree that that was the wrong way to do it." It's too early to tell if… » 8/01/08 5:00pm 8/01/08 5:00pm

E308 Michael Fahey's Snoring Scares Intern, Singing Karaoke Hilarious!

The idea of going to E3 for me was nothing less than a dream come true, seriously. About a week before we embarked to Los Angeles Crecente sent a letter of how the housing situation as going to work, along with a few friendly reminders. So of course I took a look at my roommate situation and saw that Michael Fahey… » 8/01/08 2:00pm 8/01/08 2:00pm

Game Critics' Best of E3 Finalists Announced

Each year journalists from 36 North America media outlets come together to select what they believe are the best games of E3. The annual Game Critics Awards are meant to recognize the games that "will shape the future of interactive entertainment." The only rule? They have to be playable by the judges at E3. The… » 7/30/08 10:00am 7/30/08 10:00am

Indiecade 2008: Winterbottom! Gravitation! And More!

During my practically nonexistent downtime, I wandered down to check out the offerings at the E3 installation of Indiecade 2008. Indiecade is, as the name implies, a celebration of a variety of indie games ranging from 'art games' to more mainstream-type titles. We've covered at least two of the games here on Kotaku… » 7/27/08 6:40pm 7/27/08 6:40pm

Naruto: The Broken Bond Raises The Ninja Higher

Click to view » 7/25/08 1:20pm 7/25/08 1:20pm
Here's the E3 trailer for Naruto: The Broken Bond, the Ubisoft follow up to Rise of the Ninja on the Xbox 360, a game . This next installment is due out this fall, picking up where Rise left off with the Return of Itachi and Sasuke Retrieval story arcs. They've spiced up the fighting side of things this…

Sega Can't Find The Source Code For Your Favorite Old School Arcade Games

In our last video featuring Sega of America's Simon Jeffery, the president of the company explains why we haven't seen any System 16 or System 24 games on Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network. He also talks about his reluctance to put some of those games on Live due to Microsoft's requirement to update a… » 7/25/08 11:00am 7/25/08 11:00am

Don Mattrick Says Nintendo And Sony Have Been "On Vacation"

Forget what you think about how those E3 pressers went, Xbox honcho Don Mattrick is here to tell you what he thinks. And what does he think? He thinks the other companies have been slacking off — that they've been "on vacation." No, not just "on vacation," make that "on an extended vacation." Here's the sound-byte: » 7/24/08 7:00am 7/24/08 7:00am