Sega Can't Find The Source Code For Your Favorite Old School Arcade Games

In our last video featuring Sega of America's Simon Jeffery, the president of the company explains why we haven't seen any System 16 or System 24 games on Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network. He also talks about his reluctance to put some of those games on Live due to Microsoft's requirement to update a game's graphics before porting.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@freakout:Hard drives get lost, hell whole systems get lost at times. People 'misplace' things too, when Black Friday happened at Atari, there's stories of whole mainframes being dragged out of the back door onto trucks, along with loads of test gear, concept gadgets and so on.

The issue is made even more painful when the people who coded these games are no longer around, nor are notes. Back then in the 80's, no one was thinking "Hey one day we can re-release this stuff for big money, we better stick it in the vault." And all it takes is one slip up and no one will notice for months or years.

Now that's something I'd like to see Luke and Brian do a special on, how developers protect the code behind their games and how they back it up. Do 'vaults' exist at Capcom, Sony, Nintendo, etc? Is the code for Windows protected much like the launch codes for ICBM's or even better? I seem to remember the big hack at Vault that resulted in HL2 getting it's big delay and the FBI being brought in..