E308 Simon Jeffery Destroys All of Your Hopes For Dreamcast 2, Shenmue 3, and Seaman 2

See Brian try to talk the head of Sega of America into launching Dreamcast 2 to take on the Wii.
Dreamcast 2? Seaman 2? Shenmue 3? Hear Simon Jeffery crush all of your Sega wet dreams.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

If Sega announced they were even looking into making a Dreamcast 2, it would be the final bit of info that would confirm that they were complete and total fucking idiots. People, you seriously need to come to terms that Sega is not the Sega you grew up with. They do not have time or money to toss away on titles that only the hardest of the core gamers will buy. Their business model doesn't allow it and I'm sure no one at Sega delights in the idea of making games that will be lucky if they break 100k sold.

Give it up people. There's no room in the market for 4 consoles and Sega is a joke among retailers, all of it's bridges have been not only burned but nuked and the rad level is still high enough to kill a man within 60 seconds.

You people need to get this though your head, all of you combined and your friends couldn't buy enough Dreamcast 2's to even cover the console development costs. Stop asking Sega to blow itself up again, it's not going to do it. Sucking on 'core' taint is one reason Sega imploded, along with a simply fantastic level of wasteful spending the likes that had not been seen from the fall of Atari on.

@Neo-Senku: The World's Finest Pervert:Sega's plan is to make money, lots of it and not get into any more money pits. You need to deal with this.

@karasu is my homeboy:People loved the Dreamcast because they didn't have to pay for the software and among the ghetto and trailer part dwellers, people loved the Dreamcast because it was the cheapest way to get on the internet. Ever hear of the term "Dream Porn?"

A few porn websites towards the end even make Dreamcast friendly sites.

@Mokona:It already happened once. It was a huge focused ball of shit. Also Sega would bring nothing to the table for Apple other then it's characters. Unlike Sega, Apple knows how to run a ship.

@sereal:Nintendo has better things to do then buy Sega out. Sega by itself would bring nothing at all to Nintendo, Nintendo would be better served by simply hiring away the programmers from the various teams anyway.

To Simon Jeffery, bravo my good man, you clearly know how to run a ship. Now if you would just get Sega of Japan to fire all of Sonic Team and give it to Nintendo EAD to do, we might finally have a good Sonic platformer on the home consoles