Most game enthusiasts expect to hear about the new Halo, Call of Duty and Final Fantasy (sorry if you were waiting on news for FFXV) at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. What they may be surprised by is a size-changing game like Scale, the loopy cosmic momentum of Gravity Ghost or the colorful Kinect creativity of Songlines. The reason I was able to see all those games was because IndieCade—the international festival of independent games—set up a little bastion for smaller developers to show off their wares.


In the video above, I talk to IndieCade director Sam Roberts about why the festival's presence at E3 is important and why big AAA titles and indie games need each other. IndieCade itself is a huge affair that takes over much of downtown Culver City and, having been two years ago, I can say that it's really cool to see video games take over part of a city, much like PAX does. If you want to learn more about IndieCade, head on over to their site.

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