The Clever-Cute Gravity Ghost Game Makes Exploring Tiny Planets a Gorgeous Experience

You could call game designer Erin Robinson a triple threat , except that doesn't adequately encompass all the things she does well. Robinson draws with impressive skill, creates spirited animation, comes up with clever mechanics and breaks down game design theory and practice with inviting ease. Most of that gets displayed in the demo of her in-development game Gravity Ghost, which takes the concept of proportional gravity and melds it with a few other intriguing ideas.


I like what I saw of Gravity Ghost at E3 because it feels approachable in a way that hints at further depth. Watching the game work really makes it feel like there's a tiny universe inside that laptop, full of physics rules and creative recombinations waiting to come to life. Loads of other games shown at gaming's biggest expo could learn a few things from this indie title.


There was a flash game on [] about 2 years ago that played ALMOST EXACTLY like this. Not as nice visuals but the game mechanics were near spot on.

You jumped from planet to planet by using the gravitational pull of smaller planets and asteroids. Each big planet was its own puzzle. Solving the puzzle gave you some special key or something. It was a pretty slick adventure game.


Aether by Edmund McMillan