What the Hell Does a Design Firm Need 5,000 Xbox Live Accounts For?

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A graphic design firm recently, and quite openly, put out a contract for a script that would create 5,000 Xbox Live free "Silver" level accounts, bypassing captchas, providing "dynamic username, password, email and user details," and the ability to "post dynamic content for ... each account."

Bill Stiernberg at Zeboyd Games noticed the request, placed over ScriptLance, and wondered if they might be shill accounts for goosing ratings over the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. Whatever the case, the firm asking for the services is the graphic design firm Limitless Exposure, and the contract was awarded to a programming firm out of India, reports the Xbox Live indie games site Armless Octopus

There's a lot of pondering what the purpose is of having 5,000 Xbox Live silver accounts, each capable of posting "dynamic content," but my gut instinct would have it that so many accounts, created by script and controlled by a single user, probably constitutes some sort of user agreement violation. The contract was awarded at the end of March. No word if the work has been performed.


Graphic design firm contracts script for 5,000 Xbox Live Silver accounts [Armless Octopus]

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