What Our Company Is Doing About The Attacks On Our Comments

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Our parent company, Gawker Media, is taking several actions to deal with the troll attacks on our comments sections. Please read through this post, which is from our sister site Jezebel and explains what's happened and what happens next.


Notably, we will be bringing back the concept of "pending" comments, primarily for new readers. We are doing this in order to keep trolls away while still letting civil, valued commenters contribute to our community with words and visuals—and ultimately without having to go through the pending queue more than once.


We appreciate those of you who have stomached the offensive imagery being spammed onto all of our sites and for reporting the offending comments to us so that we could take action.

Rest assured that we at Kotaku will use any revisions to our commenting system to still welcome in as diverse and opinionated a commenting community as humanly possible. We value diversity of thought as much as we strive for civil discussion.

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"Only comments from approved commenters — those who are followed by Jezebel — will automatically be visible."

Does this mean that we're going back to the starred system? Once a commenter is "approved", his/her comments automatically become visible (the same way the current system works) for all articles?

I understand the need for such changes to deal with the spammers, but at the same time, it's a little disappointing in the sense that when I first started reading stuff on Kotaku several years back (during the starred system period), I felt like a user from a lower "caste", non-starred comments are almost never noticed, people openly talk about being starred or non-starred. It's a little divisive in my opinion, and sometimes, it introduces bias into the discussion as the starred users are seen as more "senior".