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What it Looks Like When 999 People Play a Video Game at Once

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you remember 2011, there was an ambitious idea to build a first-person shooter in which 1000 people could play against each other.


Well, over the weekend that game - Man vs Machine - gave the 1000-player mark a damn good shake.

Sadly, it "only" managed 999 players at once, but really, I'm sure a single extra person wouldn't have drastically changed the chaos you see in the video up top.


While it looks like madness, this is exactly what I want to see more of in online games. The more chaotic and ungainly, the better. Seeing something like this working as a First World War game, or involving some kind of medieval battle, would be insane.

And hopefully seeing such a thing might not be too far off! The creators of the technology underpinning the one-off experiment, PikkoServer, say " Our goal now is to make this technology available to developers worldwide", so fingers crossed that becomes a reality.

[thanks for the video, Tony!]