Developers Pikkotekk are trying something new: they want to make a shooter where 1000 people can go at it. On the one map. At the same time.

"About one year ago, we were talking with CCP and we came up with this idea that if we made a MMO FPS in Unity, the technical achievement would be of such magnitude that it would even impress random women in bars," Pikkotekk's Christian Lönnholm tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Somewhat optimistically.

The simple version of how this would be achieved follows: the game would use "cell servers", similar to those a mobile phone network uses, which could (theoretically) handle a ton of people moving around the map very, very quickly.

Want the long version? Read this.

Further details on the project are scarce, but we'll be keeping an eye on it, if only to see if Lönnholm's bar crawls get any more successful.


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