What Have They Done To Commander Keen

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E3 2019E3 2019It's time for the biggest gaming show of the year. We've got articles, videos, podcasts and maybe even a GIF or two.

The good news: Commander Keen is back! The bad news: everything else about that piece of information.

The Commander Keen games are an international treasure. Kicking off in 1990, they showed—on a platform awash with strategy games and flight sims—that the PC could be home to quality platformers as well.

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The originals still play well to this day, but Keen’s cult status and place in history have long been calling out for a modern interpretation of the character and his side-scrolling action.


Bethesda took to the stage earlier today during their E3 press conference and...kinda did that. But instead of announcing a new Commander Keen as a vibrant take on a 90s classic, a faithful reimagining of a long-running and important series, we got some free-to-play mobile gaming bullshit:

That was upsetting to watch.

As is this:

The entire original collection is going for spare change right now if you’d like a palette cleanser.

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That Tom Hall

This is Tom Hall, creator of Commander Keen.

As I said on Twitter:

It’s just not #CommanderKeen.

To be honest, it feels like the 2005 DOOM movie, like an IP awkwardly slapped on something that already existed. It deserves better.

It smells like a Biz Deal game.

They did good reboots of DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D. Sadly, no such love for Keen. What a waste.