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In Japan, it languishes in the discount bin.

Hokuto Musou, which is based on the Fist of the North Star series, was released in Japan. While the game looks great, the Xbox 360 version features loading times that can only be described as brutally slow. Or you could describe them as embarrassingly slow. Take your pick!


Originally priced at ¥8,190 (US$88) when released in late March, the game is going for ¥3,980 ($42) at this retailer — but that's for the ¥13,440 ($144) limited edition "Treasure Box" bundle. If you don't mind painfully slow load times, it's a deal!


The PS3 version sold like gangbusters when it was released, while the Xbox 360 did okay for an Xbox 360 game in Japan. However, with these copies of the Xbox 360 version stacking up, you could say that this version of the game is, wait for it, already dead?

The manga Fist of the North Star debuted in 1983 and went on to spin off two animated series and motion pictures. The game has been announced for the West. It sounds like the PS3 version is the lead platform, so take note.

Xbox360『北斗無双』が早くもワゴンセールに登場! [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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