Japan's Oricon Life polled 500 men between the ages of teen and 40-something about which games have made them cry the most and complied a list of the top five. Weepy drumroll please...

5. Mother 2
4. Clannad
3. Final Fantasy VII
2. Dragon Quest V
1. Final Fantasy X

What about you? What game made you bawl your flaccid heart out?

ζœ€γ‚‚ζ³£γ„γŸγ‚²γƒΌγƒ γ€γƒ‰γƒ©γ‚―γ‚¨γ‚’γŠγ•γˆ1δ½γ€Žγƒ•γ‚‘γ‚€γƒŠγƒ«γƒ•γ‚‘γƒ³γ‚Ώγ‚ΈγƒΌ10』 [ORICON via 痛いニγƒ₯γƒΌγ‚Ή(οΎ‰βˆ€`)]