Yep, Evangelion's Misato is reading the news in a very, very mechanical voice.

The news program runs on software that collects news from real-life news (politics, the economy, sports and, yes, the anime industry). A Cellius voice synthesis engine is used to have Misato read said news in real time on this Nerv News 24 television program.

It's even possible to customize the show's backdrop to the secret Evangelion Nerv headquarters, Misato's dinning room and whatnot. It's also possible to customize her hair and her clothing.


Here's another clip of the Misato news set-up, complete with classy Bach music. The voice acting doesn't sound nearly as stilted as in the above news clip.

To access the news area, you'll need to purchase a thirty day pass for &yen800 (about US$8). Once that expires, you'll need to purchase another one. And so on. Not entirely convinced this is worth the price of admission. We can watch Christel Takigawa read our nightly news for free! Isn't television wonderful?

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