What do Mario and Ivy Have in Common?

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Both wear some of gaming's most impractical outfits, according to GamesRadar. Actually, the news here is that vampy sex costumes account for only 2 of the 9 making the list, and women account for a total of four. Considering GamesRadar's track record on the subject, this counts as enlightenment. They point out that Arthur in Ghosts 'N Goblins goes scanty-pants more frequently and for more gratuitous reasons than Ivy of Soulcalibur, although I guess 8-bit graphics of the day couldn't incorporate realistic ball-sway or pec jiggle to make this truly a case of gender-agnostic sexploitation. Anyway, there's booby in this (including Kratos' moobs), so I've done my job. (Sorry Maggie). But yeah, a plumber's getup is absolutely not fit for the hostile vacuum of space. Gaming's Most Impractical Outfits [GamesRadar]


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I'm surprised I don't see more "Ivy's awesome" comments because well See is good but not my favorite character in Soul Caliber but I'm going to move in a different way, Why is Kratos on this list, I'm pretty sure Greek warriors actually wore clothing like this plus does anyone remember God of War 2 it was only a Year ago, Kratos had a full suit of armor but lost it and had to recollect it through out the game.