I inherited this feature from Mike McWhertor, who has been gone from Kotaku more than six months, and who I hope to see again in San Diego at Comic-Con. "Mike," I would always say to him, "if we get fired, well, we'll finally have time to play all the video games we never got to play because we were too busy playing video games."

I have no clue what I'll be playing this weekend. I'm flat exhausted, and I get to mind the site for 48 hours unaccompanied. I recently modified my Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 settings to give me the hardest swing difficulty while still preserving my greens reads and caddie suggestions. It's produced a truer appraisal of what my golfer's skill would actually be at this point in his career. It's a difficult game.


I also want to finish up the first Prototype and jump back in for my semi-regular grind with DC Universe Online. And I have a righthanded screwballer languishing in the minor leagues of MLB 12 The Show, getting hosed on the outside strike every fifth day by that no-good son-of-a-bitch bastard Wally Hughes. By the way, I got an email from a guy at Sony San Diego today. He said my guess as to Wally's namesake was off. The umpires have more prosaic origins—Porter Callahan comes from a bar near the studio, which serves Sierra Nevada porter, for example.

I may also play nothing. Three wild turkeys like the one above came down off the butte today and hung out in my driveway. Watching them mate was entertainment enough.

What are you playing this weekend?

(Image via Morro Bay State Campground)

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