As I mentioned in my review this week, I came to the Prototype continuity late. Now that I'm not hustled for time to pump out a review of a game the day after it releases, I feel like revisiting New York and finishing out the original Prototype, especially as I'll get to stomp around a larger-scale Manhattan before everything goes straight to hell.


I still have a lot of careers left incomplete out there—Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, MLB 12 The Show and, frankly, even Skyrim, where my mage is languishing at Winterhold, which must be in spring break by now. Good, we no longer have to smoke skooma down in the stacks at the Arcaneum. And there should be a ton of khajiit babes sunbathing out on the quad ...

I've said it before, I'll say it forever. I would have so much time to play video games if my job was not to play video games. So, that's what I'll be getting into this weekend. What will you be playing?

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