What Are You Playing this Weekend?

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I'll confess, one reason I'm glad I moved to Oregon is that the onset of damp weather and gloomy skies means I can game all day and not feel like a slug for not having set foot outside.


Those days are soon upon us as the autumnal equinox hit this past week. And further, my birthday is Sunday, when you can do any damn thing you please. So for me, I'm gonna break out some games I have not made progress on in a long time, and a few that I bought a long time ago but never played.

I might also fight the urge to buy The Warriors: Street Brawl. I loved the original on Xbox; love the film too. I know it's gonna disappoint me but I have the points laying around and I'm a sucker for a bonehead-stupid impulse buy. Hell, I bought MLB Stickball last year.


Enough about my bad purchase habits. What are you playing this weekend?

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A little Zombie Apocalypse. If I can try and finish up Tomb Raider: Underworld would be nice..

Games that I need to finish but lack the motivation to.. Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Valkyria Chronicles, Dirt 2, Prince of Persia, Need for Speed: Shift.

Got my friend playing through my GTA4 again for the trophies.

Also my 20 gig xbox HDD seems to be full. Shows like 5 gigs of save games and download stuff.. and then I have no idea where the other 15 gigs is cuz its not displaying it on the list. Stupid xbox HDD crap.