What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Hell yeah! McMike is not around to pose the question, so it's up to me. As for what I'll be playing, looks like NHL 2K10 and Madden for the iPhone, as your resident sports lunkhead's work is never done.


What other games will I play? Let's see, there's "Cabella's Extreme Catshit Scooping," as Sunday is chore day; plus also "iPhone Jailbreak 3.1." I'd like to get an achievement - and tethering - unlocked in that. Other possibilities include "The Sims: Prospective Downstairs Tenant," where I hard sell the place beneath me to any hot college women looking for an apartment - one showed up today wearing cheetah-print high heels, no lie - and badmouth the place to anyone who tells me they have a dog. Especially a dog smaller than my cat. Although they're useful for "Ray Guy's Championship Chihuahua Punting," which I hope to review some day.

How about you?

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FIFA 10 demo. Then the PES 10 demo. Then the FIFA demo. Then back to the PES demo. Then a spot of the FIFA demo followed by the PES demo. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be able to make a freaking decision _<