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We didn't get around to this last night, but it's still the weekend, and it's still a good time to gab about how we're going to spend time in the great indoors now that summer has finally arrived. Or for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, what they're playing as they keep warm.


My own playing habits are going to be a little strange. As I mentioned in Anger Management last night, I'm moving, though I left my Xbox 360 plugged in—"in case of emergency"—even though everything else is getting boxed up. All my physical discs are in boxes, too, except for one, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.


Why that game? Well, in a narrative video game, I'm completing missions with the knowledge it's going to be at least 10 days, if not more, before I can read the next chapter. In golf, not only can I play an event and walk away, I can simply play one round out of four and still come back to it with largely the same mindset. There's not much of a refresher necessary other than what course I'm on and what my score was previously.

My 3DS is still out and available, and I'll be playing Zen Pinball and Mario Kart 7 when I'm not driving the truck. There's also the iPhone—maybe I'll go back to Grand Theft Auto III, yes, really—while Dad is driving. He's flying out here to help me with the haul back to the east coast.

That's the best guess of what I'm playing this weekend. What are you playing?

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