What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for angling the monitor away from prying eyes while you attempt to use the power of gem-matching to get snarky anime women to agree to participate in group sex. That, or maybe playing Animal Crossing.


In case you missed it or were purposefully avoiding it, HuniePop 2: Double Date came out on Steam earlier this month, adding what some might consider co-op mode to the original adult anime match-three game. In the eagerly-anticipated sequel, the main character from the original must use their puzzle-solving powers to initiate threesomes with various women in order to save the universe. The reward for doing so is some adult imagery, but the real reward is the winning itself—it’s not an easy puzzle game. You’ve got to increase passion to multiply affection while jumping back and forth between your two dates to maintain their stamina. It’s one of the smartest porn games. Plus the writing is hilarious and the voice acting perfect. So yeah, I’ll play more of that between Animal Crossing redecorating sessions. Two great tastes that go great together.

So, what are you unashamed to be playing this weekend?

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I posted about Huniepop 2: Double Date earlier this week, so I won’t be regurgitating that completely. My shortened version is that the music and match 3 gameplay is awesome, but the scenario and characters isn’t. I don’t like how you are picking up several of the characters at their place of work, and I don’t like how a lot of the personality traits are just turned up to 11 all the time.

It's my birthday this weekend. I dont have any solid plans on what I'm going to play. Might fuck around Titanfall 2. I think I'm going to try and play some music this weekend too. I haven't really played much the past few years unfortunately.