What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Let’s be honest. The weekend is for sleeping as much as possible while still doing enough to have something interesting to talk about on Monday. Reading books. Watching television. Maybe even playing some of them video games.

Along with my ongoing playthrough of Marvel’s Avengers, now in multiplayer, my rare waking moments this weekend will involve World’s End Club on Apple Arcade, the new game from Danganronpa writer Kazutaka Kodaka. It’s about a group of 12 children on a puzzle platforming adventure that’s sure to take weird turns, because Kazutaka Kodaka. The game used to be known as Death March Club. Happy!

There’s a Switch version of the game coming out in the spring of 2021. Me, I am not much of a waiter.


So, what are you playing this weekend? 

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Well, over this long Tony Hawk, I think I’m going to Tony Hawk some Tony Hawk if I’m not Tony Hawking the house or sneaking in some Tony Hawk. I’ll probably play some Nioh to get a change of pace, but otherwise it’s gonna be mostly Tony Hawk.

I’ll slip in a little Fall Guys, but considering I’ve bought out everything I can get with kudos, and only have a couple of crown items to buy each day (and who wants a pair of purple pants for 5 crowns or whatever—just give me the volcanic color scheme already! Or the fish bowl bottom!), and that there’s Tony Hawk to play, I’m not going to binge it nearly as much. However, here is the latest crop of video clips, because it is still fun:

First up, just a quick moment that made me laugh. The round (Fruit Chute, I think) ended, and the camera cut straight over to a suddenly depressed looking cheeseburger that was still at the starting line. So sorry, sad burger, maybe next time.

Next, another bean and I accidentally find balance among the chaos of See Saw, inadvertently working together to get to the end without screwing each other over. A random moment of unintended positivity!

With a little luck, you, too, can survive and thrive in a 20-bean Hex-A-Gone game:

Finally, a full run through with all first place/gold awards. Sure, two rounds were not races or team games, so those weren’t exactly “first place” awards, but it was still a good run.