What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image: Nintendo

The weekend is for this week being over, at long last. Time to take a bath, bake some treats, and play some video games.


After reviewing The Last of Us 2, I’m really looking forward to playing something relaxing. I’ve let my Animal Crossing island languish a bit lately, which means I’ll have plenty of weeds to pull and fruit to harvest. It’ll be nice to chill for a bit.

What about you? What are you playing?


Faux Bravo

Riley, I did not read your Last of Us 2 review because I’m steering clear as much as possible. The box quote made me laugh, though. I figured I could at least scroll down to that section.

Maddy’s over at Polygon now and she didn’t seem to like it so much either.

It pains me to see so much negativity surrounding the sequel, but Naughty Dog has done more than enough to earn my trust. The game would have to be pretty bad for me not to like it. And I can handle all the negativity and sad a game can throw at me. I’m ready to cringe and cry and explode clickers. Or post-apocalyptic prison shank them.

I started The Evil Within last night. Didn’t get to play a ton, but I’m in the third chapter. Stealth is often not my thing, but I feel like it’s a more common mechanic in horror games these days. Anyway, the graphics still look pretty good and the game made me jump a bunch of times already. I’ll probably stick with it this weekend.

Oh, but that voice acting. Jesus. It’s... not good.

We’re switching gears from the Star Wars RPG to D & D on Sunday. I haven’t played in two years and I can’t decide if I should bring back the last character I was playing or just roll something new.

I’ll probably dick around in some other stuff. It might be time to abandon FF14 and come to terms with the fact that, while I can still get some enjoyment from them, MMOs might just not be for me anymore. RIP, I guess.

There will definitely, always be Overwatch. Also, possibly I’ll make some time to get back to Witcher 3 after like a 6+ month hiatus? We’ll see. There’s a lot of time to fill on the weekend. Even pre-quarantine, I didn’t really have a life.

Boy that one was all over the place, huh?