​What Are You Playing This Month?

It's October! A time of turning leaves and too much candy, when the crisp fall air makes it easier to stay in and play video games, and the flood of new games means there's always something to play.

What are you playing this October? We're just beginning the real deluge, and I'm curious which games have captured your gaming time and which ones haven't quite earned it yet.

For my part, I've still been playing a fair bit of Destiny (we're almost done with the raid!) and I recently wrapped Alien: Isolation (review will be up on Friday morning). Just the past few days, however, the bulk of my free time has been spent playing Shadow of Mordor. I was excited for that game after reading Yannick's favorable (and very enjoyable) review, and so far it has exceeded my already high expectations.


Okay, your turn: Here at the start of October, what have you been playing? Sound off below.

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el Suprehombre

I'll still be going through Destiny with my friends, along with our share world on Minecraft for the PS4.

I'll be picking up Forza Horizon 2 on the XBox One in the next few days. Plus, I'm playing Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. Also, I'll be getting Smash Bros. for the 3DS at a midnight tomorrow. Really excited for that.

I think my free games from Gold, and Plus are going to have to ride the account until after Christmas holidays now.