What Are You Playing This Holiday Weekend?

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This is the weekend I finally get around to playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Funny thing about picking it up today.


I go to GameStop in Springfield, Ore.'s Gateway Mall. I know everyone bags on GameStop and I've done my share of that, but I really do like the guys who work there. They treat me well and it's not because of who I write for. I think only two of them know that, but anyway.

I popped in today to pick up Skyrim and it was the usual nuthouse. A smoking hot mom saunters in, straight-up poses, and then asks a question about Guitar Hero. I didn't really hear what it was. The guy behind the counter didn't bat an eye, gave her an answer and that was that.


"What was that all about?" I asked. "Guitar Hero? For real?"

"I've been here 20 minutes and that is the third question I've taken about Guitar Hero," said the guy at the register.

I feel like going in tomorrow and bugging them about other games from 2005 that aren't around anymore. Hey, do you guys have the latest True Crime?

Anyway, what's on your schedule this weekend? Let's do this as a two-parter. What you do have, and intend to play, and then what you think (or, hell, know) that you're getting for Christmas, if you celebrate that, and will be playing on Sunday.


Me? I'm doing Skyrim the whole way. I don't ask for video games for Christmas because, well, it's my job and stuff. Probably gonna play some more Pinball FX 2 as I'm only 25 superscore away from beating Operation Sports' Extreme Gamer for No. 1 among my friends.

Enjoy the holiday weekend folks, and may that which you celebrate, if you do celebrate, be happy and memorable.

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I'll be playing SWTOR this weekend and hopefully for years to come. Haven't touched Skyrim since it came out. Can't solely blame SWTOR for that though. The arrow in the knee and sweetroll jokes were just getting obnoxious. It was funny for about 5 minutes. They're the memes that just won't die.