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We may earn a commission from links on this page

What Announcements Should Sony Make Now?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After giving Microsoft a purple nurple for the ages just about 24 hours ago—attacking the idea that game consoles should have online check-in requirements and used game restrictions—what the hell could Sony do for an encore? We have a few ideas.


Seriously, though, did you see Jack Tretton on stage last night? Sony Computer Entertainment's U.S. boss had the look of a man who knew he killed the room—and liked that feeling a lot. (Especially after the groans he summoned from the same stage in 2011, announcing that AT&T would be the PS Vita's sole wireless provider.)

Speaking from experience, though, even when you're cookin', there's a tendency to over-tag one's material. If we left him up on stage, what else might Jack say before he got the hook?


Here in the office, we came up with ...

Sony: PS4 Games Cost $49.99, Have No Copy-Protection

Sony Drops Price of PS4—Will Now Pay YOU $399 to Get One

PS Plus Now Offers Two Free Consoles Per Month

Sony: Third-Party Publishers Will Apologize to You If Their Games Are Bad

PS4 Confirms Both Backwards and Forwards Compatibility

Preorder Gran Turismo 6, Get Six Exclusive Cars. Real Ones.

PlayStation 4 will Have 4D Support

PlayStation 5 will Play Used Xbox One Games

How about you? What wildass promise should Sony make now?

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