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WET Xbox 360 Version Cancelled In Japan

Illustration for article titled WET Xbox 360 Version Cancelled In Japan

Multi-platform acrobatic shooter WET will only be getting a PlayStation 3 release in Japan. The Xbox 360 version has been cancelled.


According to the official announcement "various reasons" have been cited for the cancellation of the Xbox 360 version. In September, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game were released in North America.

Xbox 360版『WET』が発売中止 [Famitsu]

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I liked WET...

I feel like the only person who did.

Sure it was a bit repetitive, but if you played it like a bloody Tony Hawk with a sexy Tony Hawk, it kind of felt the same. I liked the music, the story, the cheesy characters, the grindhouse exploitation style.

Game mechanics are tricky. When you break down any game, you can call it repetitive. Mario you hold B and break blocks. Halo, you hold RT, waggle the thumbstick, and run into the Library and out of it 100 times, Assassin's Creed 1 you climb buildings and jump into hay over and over, etc etc. You can break all games down to it's simplest forms, and while I'm not saying the hatred of WET isn't warranted, because of its mechanics being incredibly simplified...I think giving it a different perspective could help people play it.

It was a simple basic game, not unlike NES games, and I liked it. (except for the end).