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We're Off On The Road To PAX East

Illustration for article titled Were Off On The Road To PAX East

Behold stately John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. As this post goes live, Kotaku's East Coast contingent is speeding towards this very location, in order to regale you with glorious tales of PAX East.


I'm likely crammed against the bulkhead of a magical flying machine, snoring loudly and trying desperately not to touch the person sitting next to me, to no avail. I'll have my Nintendo DS on my person, but smushing my large frame into a standard airline seat crushes my limbs against my sides, leaving only my forearms and hands motile. Call me airplane Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Stephen Totilo, on the other hand, opted to take a bus from New York to Boston. The bus is much like a plane, only if the engines fail you are less likely to die, and it sometimes stops at McDonalds. When an airplane stops at McDonalds, acquiring a Big Mac snack wrap is the least of your concerns.


Ah! And I see our party venue has changed, and it now runs from 8pm to 2am. How ironic! As I write this post, it is 2am, and I'm getting ready to catch four hours of sleep prior to driving to the airport.

If you need to reach me during the party, look for the large man snoring loudly into a plate of grilled food.

Stay tuned to Kotaku all weekend long for updates from PAX East!

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Ah! How I want to take a sleepy roadtrip to a convention like PAX.

One of these days when I have the moneys for trans, I sure will.

Looking forward to the coverage!