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China's Ministry of Culture sent out another nastygram to the country's game operators, demanding they knock off the "low-brow cultural content," and get their games back in line with the "core socialist value system."


In other words, it's China Crackdown time, which is also known as "Tuesday" to the rest of the world. The country's already swatted World of Warcraft (or one of its expansions, anyway), and more than 200 online games were smashed as part of a national birthday celebration back in October. This time, the country's Ministry of Culture wants a content cleanup to make sure the games properly support approved political and cultural themes.


The ministry's memo said violent games "have adversely influenced consumers and especially the physical and mental health of minors." It also ordered game companies to knock off the killin', both of humans and nonhumans. In particular they want them to refrain from "low-brow cultural content that is having a negative effect on the healthy development of the industry."

Low-brow content that retards game development? Such as those fake Donkey Kong machines y'all sent us a while back?

China in Violent Content Crackdown [Develop]

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