I don't really have the words to describe this ad, although it's not official according to Ouya. Whoever made this sure tried a ridiculous way to try to sell someone on an Ouya, though.

Kind of has the style of Superjail!, yeah? In any case, we've contacted Ouya to ask about this ad and will update once we hear back.


UPDATE: the original video by "Ouyas" was made private, but we're linking WarioSixFour's mirror of it.

UPDATE 2: Ouya informs us that this isn't an official ad, and we've clarified as much in the post. We've asked Ouya about the "Ouyas" YouTube account—which was where this ad originally appeared. We'll update once we know if it was an official YouTube channel or not.


Update 3: "Ouyas" is indeed Ouya's official YouTube channel, but Ouya maintains it was not an official ad. Here's what Ouya's PR told Kotaku:

We are experimenting with animated content and posted this video briefly to get feedback from our community. Stay tuned for our official video!

"Sixty bucks for a game?" [Ouyas]