Well, That Didn't Last Long

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Remember Duck Hunt for the iPhone? Yeah, it was booted from the App Store, and not because of its piece of shit controls and absence of the Asshole Dog, either.

LawlMart's Duck Hunt was "developed" on the "iPES" for the iPhone and iPod touch, and just in case that didn't rip off Nintendo's IP enough, the game's designer stuck an N64 analog stick and NES A-button up in the corners to serve as controls. Offered for a buck, you moved a crosshair and blasted away at one or two ducks - with no sound and no dog to laugh at your bad aim.


Somehow this made it through the iTunes App Store's vetting process. Macworld reports that Nintendo's lawyer mans cleared their throat, crooked their fanger at Apple and said, "Fix it." Lawl Mart developer Lucas Mansfield told Macworld it was taken down.

"It's an unfortunate situation, but I do understand Nintendo's position," he told Macworld. He said he'd rework the game to remove the infringing material while taking "as much inspiration from the original as possible."


And now, please rise and remove your hats as the Kotaku Honor Guard and Band pays its respects to LawlMart in its time of loss.
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Duck Hunt iPhone Game Pulled at Nintendo's Request [Macworld via GoNintendo]

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