​Well Of Course Broforce Is Getting An Official Expendables Tie-In

Let's be honest: Broforce was basically already an unofficial Expendables video game, so it's not a huge shock to hear that they're making it official. It is, however, a reason for there to be more (free!) Broforce, which is always a good thing.


Titled The Expendabros, the promotional tie-in is a collaboration between the people who made The Expendables 3 and the developers of Broforce. It features characters from the movie leaping and exploding their way through ten Broforce-style missions.

It's free to download on Steam, and if you like it, I highly recommend getting the actual early access version of Broforce, also on Steam. It features a lot of the same actor-bros as The Expendables, and it owns.


[Via PC Gamer]

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Sweet. New content is always good.

If you like super crazy action with 80s references and still use your last gen consoles, I also highly recommend Super TIME Force for Xbox 360. Both of these game tickle the same cheesy action movie humor but for my money STF is simply the better, more fun game.