Meet The Action Movie Bros Of Broforce

Luke and I are united in our love of Broforce, the action game that lets you play as a revolving cast of basically every bro (and lady-bro) who has ever kicked ass in an action movie.


The game is currently playable via Steam Early Access, but if you haven't yet seen all the bros, Trash Talkin' has made a video introducing some (most? all?) of the cast in a montage that's wholly appropriate to the 80s action theme.


Since your bros unlock at random as you play, a good deal of the fun of the game is figuring out who your new bro is. This video kind of steps on that, but all the same, it's fun to see some of the characters I haven't unlocked, as well as some pretty solid play toward the end.

(Cheers, Jackal)

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Who is the lady bro? Xena? still surprised they haven't been hit with a dozen copyright claims yet...