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If you're not already on board with PopCap Games' brand of casual thrills, you've never played Peggle. But you will bow before PopCap, as the publisher is expanding its casual efforts in a big way.


Forbes writes of PopCap's plans for 2009, some aspects of which we're already aware of. It's bringing Peggle to the Nintendo DS and Xbox Live Arcade this year, as well as dropping more guaranteed cash cows like Bejeweled Twist on portables.

But its nefarious plans don't stop there.

It also plans to ship Plants vs. Zombies, described by the publisher's VP as a real-time strategy game with notes of "tower defense games and collectible card games—but in a casual context." Sounds like heroin.


Also en route are more time wasters, like Bejeweled Blitz for Facebook, the ultimate in shirking.

Considering PopCap is one of the few publishers thriving so expertly right now, we'd think they have a pretty healthy year of domination ahead of them.

'Peggle' Publisher Expands [Forbes]

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