Welcome To The Next Generation, Everybody

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That's it. It's past midnight. The Xbox One is now on sale in North America, having gradually rolled out across Australasia and parts of Europe earlier in the day. With the PS4 being released last week and - depending on your definition of "generation" - the Wii U on shelves last year, the "next generation" is no more. What used to be the distant console future is suddenly the "current generation".


For a salute to the heroes of a generation passed on, check out our feature reminiscing about the best - and worst - parts of the Wii, PS3 and 360 era.

To see what we think of the newer machines, here are our reviews of the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

How's your spending/camping been thus far? I've only recently got a Wii U, and the PS4 isn't out yet in Australia, but I was out last night at midnight to get the Xbox One.

I'm now caught in that place between giddy excitement (at the NEW SHIT) and deep regret ("I just spent AUD$550?!?!?!") that hits me most console launches.


Exciting times.


The future is kckckckckckckckckckckckckck