Welcome Back, Commodore!

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OK, this is about as Commodore as Phil Harrison's Atari is Atari, but still. There's a Commodore logo on the thing, it's called a Commodore and it even shares that common Commodore aesthetic, so it'll do. The Commodore Netbook is the first machine to hit the showroom floor following the brand's reanimation, and while it's not necessarily a gaming machine, again, it's got a Commodore logo on it. And it will play games. Which is good enough for us. Min er mindre enn din [NRK, via Boing-Boing]



heh brings back the good old days of my programming (the early years). i started out on the vic 20, then got an apple 2e, then added a c-64 to the collection, then an amiga 1000, skipped the 2000, picked up an amiga 3000 and a few years down the road picked up an amiga 4000, couldn't find the tower version of the 4000 so had to settle for the desktop version with a video toaster 4000.

still have all my commodore equipment, its in storage in the garage but i still have it all. i loved the commodore days and those who say 'who cares' or 'so what' didn't experience those early days (late 70's - mid 80's). those were the fun days, those were the days where if you enjoyed, liked or used computers, you were consider a nerd, geek or loser. those were the days that not everyone had a computer or even wanted one.

now the computer is a necessity it seems and everyone uses them, now it's 'cool' to be a computer user. how times have changed.