Weekly Japanese Hardware Charts Say Sayonara To Old PS3

See that tiny little sliver of PlayStation 3 sales? Think of this week's barely perceptible performance from Sony's current-gen console the end of the chrysalis stage, set to burst forth in a beautiful butterfly of reinvigorated sales.

Because with just 1,040 PS3s sold last week, there's nowhere to go but up. And with solid, but not spectacular weekly sales showings from the competition—the Nintendo DSi tops the charts with just shy of 60,000 units sold—expect the redesigned PS3 to register closer to the top.


In general, week to week showings are pretty much the same, with the Xbox 360 sliding a bit from last week's chart. You'd think those solid Dream Club sales would help, not hurt.

  • Nintendo DSi - 59,881
  • PSP - 26,081
  • Wii - 25,038
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 7,304
  • Xbox 360 - 7,254
  • PlayStation 2 - 3,179
  • PlayStation 3 - 1,040

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