DSi Honors Japanese Bestelling Hardware Tradition

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Not much activity in the Japanese hardware market these days, as the Nintendo DSi remains atop Media Create's weekly sales chart, with the PlayStation 3 an understandably distant third.

Hey, when there are no PS3s to buy, the console can't very well show itself in an impressive way in terms of console sales. Depleted stock and a wait and see attitude reflected in last week's sales, something that will likely be turned around by Sony's recently announced price drop and hardware redesign. For now anyway, the numbers aren't pretty.

  • Nintendo DSi - 59,578
  • PSP - 27,187
  • Wii - 26,972
  • Xbox 360 - 8,979
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5,735
  • PlayStation 2 - 3,295
  • PlayStation 3 - 2,052

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the excuse for the low ps3 sales because the stocks are low is stupid. when stocks were available, the ps3 was selling around the same amout.