Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves

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April Fools. We don't yet have a new image, we're still using March's because kaploy9 barely beat the deadline and submitted the last TAYpic for the month late yesterday. Good morning, and welcome to Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves.

However, we need a new TAYpic image, and that is no joke. We're taking suggestions in the #TAYpics thread. Ideally, this should be a piece of art, reasonably identifiable as such, and more importantly, in the public domain. It should also somewhat conform to 16:9 dimensions. If you have a favorite specimen that has yet to be featured in Talk Amongst Yourselves, we'd love to see it. Post it there and you will be credited as the progenitor of the coming month's TAY.

Otherwise, feel free to discuss all games topics in the comments beneath.

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Okay lets do this!

Whats your Favorite Music videos!


Im first so Clint Eastwood.

Who's up next