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Good morning and welcome back to Talk Amongst Yourselves, where you may feel free to discuss all topics related to video games. Whitney Houston is not one of them, though I did put out a bounty to find a news obituary that led with her contributions to video games. Outside of the odd song in rhythm games, she made none, as far as I know.


Note: that lede paragraph does not qualify. Nor do NMA videos. Also, I might not, in fact, be serious about this and instead be making a joke.

Anyway, Pan1da7 is back on a winning streak with today's #TAYpic. You can get in on the action, too. Grab the base image here, add Photoshop, add funny, bake and post it to our #TAYpics thread. Keep the dimensions to 16:9 to improve its splashability.


Alright, gang, time to talk amongst yourselves!

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I know there's millions of games out there, but if you had to choose one game as your ALL TIME favorite what would you pick?!