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Talk is cheap. But Talk Amongst Yourselves? Priceless.

Welcome to your morning call to discuss all things video games amongst yourselves. While you'd do it anyway, I'd like to think that giving you my permission to do so is what makes it special.


Big thanks to Mr Marsu for today's TAYpic.

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Reading over the latest Game Informer article about system launches had me thinking. Why did I buy the system exactly? So, I thought I'd ask my fellow Kotakuites the same question. What game made you purchase a gaming system and why? Mine are as follows.

NES (Kung Fu): What can I say? It was kung fu in a videogame!

Game Boy (Tetris): After playing a friend's copy, I had to have this game. Even today it's damn addictive.

SNES (Super Mario World): Did you see this game when it came out? It was so damn pretty. Also, the cape is still my favorite power-up in the entire SMB catalog.

Genesis (Mortal Kombat): This one's easy enough to explain. Right?

PlayStation (Final Fantasy VII): Thus I became a RPG nut. SquareSoft could do no wrong after this game. Well, until FFXII at any rate.

Dreamcast (Resident Evil: Code Veronica): The only time I bought a game because I had to know how the story panned out. Also, dual wielding. Shame it wasn't as impressive as most articles made it out to be.

Game Boy Advance (Castlevania: Circle of the Moon): At this point, Koji had his hooks in me after SOTN on the PlayStation. This was a no-brainer purchase.

DS (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow): Another no-brainer. If it's a Metroidvania, I'm there.

PlayStation 2 (Metal Gear Solid 2): I bought the system at launch, but it was the screenshots of MGS2 that made me buy the system. Luckily, MGS3 made the system a worthy buy. Oh, and GTA III. No one saw that game coming.

PlayStation 3 (Uncharted): It just looked cool. Besides, I really bought a PS3 for the free online connectivity. If the 360 had it, I probably would have adopted earlier. Thank goodness for free!