Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Happy Standard Time Solstice everybody! I hope you used your extra hour of sleep productively rather than, well. for sleep. You probably used it for sleep, didn't you. Yeah. I did too.


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The rest of you, get talking! Amongst yourselves.

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Faux Bravo

College graduates: Did you go to school for a specific career? What was your major? Are you working in anything remotely close to what you graduated for?

I ask all this because I am 28, in my second year of school, majoring in history because... it's interesting and I don't know what else to do. I've done almost 6 years in the Army. I have no idea what to do with myself. I have friends with degrees working retail and other stupid jobs that make me think, "what the fuck am I getting a degree for?"

I feel like it's a huge waste of time. I do alright now using the GI Bill and working part time (with potential to go to full time if I ever wanted to). I just can't see a college degree benefiting me enough to be worth it. I already make sort of ok money (not really for the long term, but it's not bad for now), what's a degree going to get me? Another two dollars an hour?

It all just seems ridiculous. Why have I not figured out what to do with my life yet?!

And for relevance, Uncharted 3.