Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves

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We had to shift the TAY badge to make sure it didn't obscure Aikage'spunchline. Enjoy your limited edition, badge-in-the-bottom-right-corner TAYpic! I did that without editorial approval. I am rebelling against authority today!


But not you! I do not authorize you to rebel against my authori-TAY. You keep it on topic! Which means talk amongst yourselves about video games. Or games' video. Your choice.

We need TAYpics, again. To get yours featured, submit your images to #TAYpics. For instructions on how to do a TAYpic, see this thread.


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I have a question, is there a program or something can copy/hold all your saved games on a harddrive? Because I am going to have to format my PC and don't wanna loose everything I've done. Sigh..... I dunno what to do..... I don't want to get everything onto a USB.... plus finding all the saved game locations and stuff.

Please help :( Cause I have no choice but to format it to try and fix it.