Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Well, after this, we are officially done broke when it comes to TAYpics. Not that we have philosophical disagreements with free labor or free artistic content round here or anything, but, goddamn, get it in gear. Otherwise we'll have to run pictures of sharks and shit and quotes from Eddie Murphy in this space.


Today's TAYpic, which may very well be the last on Earth, comes courtesy of Angryrider. On Monday of last week. Come on, folks, this is like cosplay, if Kotaku is like Comic-Con. Struggle into that rubber Catwoman suit; glue on that Klingon brow. Get out here and work it!

Submit your images to #TAYpics. This thread has all the info you need on how to be a TAY rockstar.

Now, yack amongst yourselves while Uncle Owen and Aunt McWhertor face the final day of Comic-Con.


So it's just around a month until Deus Ex: Human Revolution launches and I am incredibly excited!

Who else cannot contain their excitement?