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This is not the TAYpic. Ceci n'est pas le TAYpic. We didn't sort out the selection of the May image before this weekend, and that decision is the province of top men. Top ... men ... So for now, let's talk amongst ourselves about video games. We've got a few suggestions already, but if you'd like to suggest a MAYpic, head on over to #TAYpics.


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i want to play a bad guy.

I dont mean comedy bad guy ala; overlord.

i mean a real balls to the wall, all out, evil sunuvabitch.

Why hasnt it happened? When i play open world games that give me the option to play as a bad guy, i dont feel as though im playing the bad guy, i feel as though im playing a jackass; 'so, what youre saying is, i could give you the money for this quest item OR i could electrocute your face and take it from your still-cooking corpse? hohoho ok'

hardly inspiring story telling now is it?

no, i want to play a bad guy who has real motives, real emotion, a bad guy who has an embittered hatred of the 'good' characters.

Imagine playing a star wars game as Darth? the hatch blows to the blockade runner in 'a new hope' and you push the stick forward, darth walks out of the gloom in a hail of blaster fire, you hit the right trigger and choke some rebel scum, you hit the right trigger and you let off a bolt of electricity....

But its more than gameplay, i want to be able to play a character who descends into evil, we see plenty of characters who scale the heights of heroisim over the course of a trilogy, from a nothing to the hero of an entire galaxy.... how about the reverse?

You start out as a great hero of your people, youve fought for the forces of good all your life...but whamo, your land betrays you, casts you out to the abyss, you are left on a foreign land to fight for your life....you survive and thats where the game starts, you build your armies in the darkness, your hate festering over the course of the opening chapters of the game, you dont want to just exact revenge on your superiors, but on all their people, everyone who forgot about you and left you to die, their cities will crumble beneath your might! the universe will burn with your power!

and thats just the start...

so someone, anyone, please make a game where we get to play as the bad guy, but make it with some depth, some real story telling, i want to feel the evil! FEEL IT!