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Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselv

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This is Kotaku's official forum. There are 27 games on this game program cartridge. Feel free to talk about all of them, amongst yourselves.


Yankton is the weekend winner of the #taypics derby. There are six chances each week to get your handiwork featured. Just shop up this image and submit it to the #taypics hashtag.


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So I tried to play Dead Space 2 on hardcore, managed to get to Chapter 6 without dying so I saved there. Only got 2 more saves left to go.

It is terrifying playing like this, as soon as I see a spitter or a leaper I squeal a bit in the inside as they can kill you so fast. It has also made me hate Stalkers even more.

Besides that, I am still playing Killzone 3 beta and having a blast.