Weekend Note: WiiPez

To: Luke From: Owen Hope you landed safely. Then again, if you didn't, I probably wouldn't be writing this, so much for small talk, hrm? Reader pepsidewd from Montreal sent that in (full size on the jump). It's a Wiimote Pez dispenser. Well, not literally Pez as there's probably licensing issues and such, but nothing's stopping you from stuffing your own Pez in it, I suppose. Says pepsidewd: "I picked this up at a Dollarama store in Montreal Canada. It is basically a mini Wiimote that dispenses Pez like candy. Funny thing is that the the cashier said that a some people thought that it was a real Wiimote for $1!!! Candy is crappy, I guess the official Nintendo Seal does not mean much in the candy world either!" It didn't in the cereal world. Some highlights while you were airborne: Sarah Palin, in Video Games Rumor Smash Galore: EA Not Interested in Epic, No Sega Portable A Look at the New Xbox Live Marketplace TimeSplitters 4 Concept Art EGM: LBP Getting "Non-Sony," Disney DLC? TF2 Spy Crab Calendar Out Now


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