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Back in Denver, Labor Day weekend was when the Gart sports castle downtown ran the legendary "Sniagrab" -"bargains" spelled backward. Any skier in that city knows what I'm talking about. In its honor, we present this weekend's coupons.


• If you're willing to take out a new credit card - and you should think seriously about whether or not you need one, especially in these times - then you can grab a PS3 Slim for $100 off through That's $199.99, total. You'll then need to buy the machine on this card, which means to truly take advantage of the offer, pay it all off at once rather than give back your savings in the form of finance charges. Remember sometimes there's a minimum finance charge if you carry a balance, regardless of what it is. This is conditional upon your approval for the card (some will be approved immediately.) It can also be applied to purchases of $299.99 or more elsewhere on the store. [Dealzon]

• If you're not good with credit cards or you're a little leery of putting another on your credit report, you can get the Slim for $15 less, plus free two-day shipping through Dell Home. Total is $284.99. [Dealzon]


• Someone on found some PS3/Uncharted bundles and is letting them go for $50 off at $349. Normally they're $399. That's the 160GB configuration, too. [TDD]

• Doing its part for backward compatibility, GameStop's weekly ad lists used PS2 consoles for $49.99. [GameStop]

• A damaged-box deal means roughly half off the Logitech Driving Force Wireless Wheel, compatible with PS2 and PS3. Normally $90, it's $49.99 through Logitech [TDD]

• Today is the final day of Best Buy's Xbox 360 two-for-1.5 offer - buy the first 360 game, get the other half off. Dealzon points out that you can combo it up with Guitar Hero 5 to get both the second title half off, and free Guitar Hero: Van Halen, per Activision's standing offer for September. You can get Van Halen on any console, not just 360, but that's kind of a technicality. [Dealzon]


• This weekend, the strongly reviewed Time Gentlemen, Please! is being offered in combination with the equally hilarious "Ben There, Dan That" on Steam, both for a measly $5. You can read Time, Gentlemen's accolades here, if you're unfamiliar with the title. [Steam]

• The other big deal on Steam is Street Fighter IV, for half off. Grab it for $19.99 [Steam]


• UK gamers, a deal over at Littlewoods can get you 2100 Microsoft Points for just £7 (Ordinarily £22). Go to the site, buy up the 2100 points card, and then apply code ZG753, which takes £15 off. Delivery is free. [Littlewoods, thank you Neil D.]

• The bloodbath of previous rhythm titles continues. Guitar Center marked Rock Band 2, game only, down to $24.99 to make room for Beatles stock on 9/9, of course. [Guitar Center, thanks KuromanKuro]


• GoGamer's doing another 48 hour madness sale; this one for Labor Day promises titles as low as one cent. For example: Eragon. Yep. Well, hey, it's a value bin, what do you expect. They also have deals on newer (and better) titles. [GoGamer]

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