Weekend Coupons: Hordes of Money

Left 4 Dead at 40 percent off for PC is the A-list deal; tipster Gantz told us they extended the multiplayer freeplay, too. What other values can be found this weekend?


• Want to buy an 80GB PlayStation 3 for $360? Oh, the irony! Best of all, you can get it through the Home Depot, if you need to, like, pick up a router and a Dremel multi-tool but didn't want to make two trips. This is only 10 percent off, but it's included for the WTFery behind who's selling it. Use code SAVETEN to get the discount. [via Cheap College Gamers]

At GameStop, you may get the same console for $100 off - assuming you want to part with a PS2 and three games. Guess who's coming out way ahead in that transaction. Hint: Not you.

• If you need replacements/extras, Amazon's got wireless controllers for the 360 at $31.99. Black or white, your pick [via Cheap Ass Gamer]


• GoGamer is selling X-Men Origins: Wolverine for $49.90 on the 360 ($29.90 on PC). Look for our review on this sometime next week. [CAG]

• Fable II is $39.99 through Best Buy; that may be its new MSRP. It's also $34.99 over at GameStop, where some other recent AAAs are $5 off, in hopes you buy their strategy guides, which are 10 percent off. [CAG]


• Killzone 2 is $10 off, nuff ‘said. Get it through Amazon, it's eligible for free shipping. [CCG]


• One year after its release, Grand Theft Auto IV is $39.99 with a swag bundle - art book, soundtrack, keychain and a safety deposit box-style case. Get it through NewEgg [CAG]


• Gamestop, with this coupon, gives you 20 percent off any used 360 games. We hear they broke the street date on Klonoa. Maybe you can also find it day-zero used. Coupon is instore only, good through May 7.

As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.

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